Toora Women Inc.

Toora Women Inc is a non-profit, feminist organisation, committed to the empowerment of women through the provision of a range of supported accommodation, and alcohol and other drug support services in the ACT.

Karen worked with Toora Women Inc on a number of occasions between 2005 and 2008 providing advice around staffing structures and budgeting, and to assist them with downsizing following a funding cut. She also developed a small funding model to assist Toora cost other funding proposals and to assist with expenditure forecasting under different workplace agreement scenarios.

Bridge Back to Life Foundation

Bridge Back to Life Foundation aims to meet the needs of young people with a history of involvement with the juvenile justice system. It will do this by facilitating young offenders’ reintegration into their families and communities and supporting them to regain control of their lives.

  • Karen prepared a proposal and costings for funding for the Foundation in May 2005.

A.C.T. Disability, Aged and Carer Advocacy Service

ADACAS is the A.C.T. Disability, Aged and Carer Advocacy Service – an independent advocacy organisation helping people with disabilities, older people and their carers.

Karen assisted ADACAS in partnership with Morgan Disney Associates in late 2004. She prepared costings and developed scenarios for amalgamation of Advocacy ACTion and Disability ACT into the new combined service.